Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist

Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist
This is him, more hirsuite than ever. 2015. That's his actual pencil too.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Dropped a Brick, man.

A very funny comic book of Brickman strips is available now, right up your street if you know your Marvel Comics of the 60s, or The Cloak, or Combat Colin, and especially of course, Batman! Created by comics stalwart Lew Stringer, Brickman Returns is the usual crazy, hilarious and satirically knowing superhero antics, but funnier, crazier and wilder than ever- and all in colour too!
There are several bonus features, all hard to find or unpublished in Britain before, so it's a cracking good read all round!
And, fear not, Belfast and Newcastle comics fans, Nika and I will have a little stash of copies available to buy at our stands at the Comic Cons in October/November! Save on postage!

But, if you just simply cannot wait, you can visit Lew Stringer's Online Store now

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Go Beano

Exciting times ahead for The Beano.
I wish I could say more but I just can't.
No, really.

One Saturday in Birmingham

On Saturday me and Nika made an appearance at the ICE Comic Con there- nice to see fellow pros aplenty there- Lew, Hunt, Dave and all those other 2000AD guys-
again, we were all finished early, everything given away! Here I am with Beano fans of a certain age who seemed pleased with these quick sketches we provided on the spot! (Eagle eyed readers may spot I'm wearing different shirt at 11am than I am at 2pm. There's a story behind that!)
Next event in October- The Lakes Festival.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Minx Transformed

We don't always draw the characters the way we normally do- sometimes there's a special feature that needs a different look, a new approach or a radical redesign. Here are all three in this Minnie The Minx from 2011, represented here in case anyone didn't see it but would hate to have missed it. Would make a nice T shirt!

Oh Dear- Look Who's Back

I'm afraid it's true, fresh from my drawing board and Nika's colouring tablet comes this worrying evidence that the story of those terrifyingly awful toddlers Cuddles and Dimples is not yet over. Another phase is due for publication sometime... somewhere... just don't say you weren't warned... they're still around!

Dublin our chances...

...of meeting Beano readers old and new and maybe converting a few who don't read it, me and Beano Colourist Nika are following up our hectic day at the MCM Dublin Con with a day at ICE in Birmingham.

In Dublin, thanks to Bryan, things went better than expected, and by the time we got to 3 O'Clock on the first day, we'd given away everything we had and drawn 60 unique pictures of Dennis, Minnie, Gnasher and assorted other Beano characters!
Quite an experience. Although we weren't publicized, and therefore nobody attending the convention knew we would be there, we drew a big crowd and met many friendly types of all ages- I estimate the youngest was 4 and the oldest 80- and several extremely excited, moved, thrilled, happy, amused people. I even had a phone conversation with one boy who was delighted to be speaking to a Beano cartoonist.
Modesty forbids me mentioning some of the words uttered by a few fans but let me assure you, we found out that Dublin has a lot of Beano readers who keep a very close eye on the comic and know who does what.

So, thanks everyone who came along, and hope to see you again another time.

Next weekend (September 5th) we'll be in Birmingham. Come and say hello!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Beanotown United ?

Although a few of the DC Thomson crowd managed to make an early escape on Friday, not all of them contrived to avoid the Visit of The Year from myself and my Colourist and The Beano Colourist, namely Nika. Here we are at Thomson's perennial temporary accommodation in Dundee, with Gary, Mark, John, Claire, Grant and Michael.
Nika and I were made very welcome, and there was the rain, and the pickles, and the dangerous pub, and the meal, and the nice pub, and my old pal Iain, so it was all very nice.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Irish Sea, we have ways of getting over!

Me and Nika will be in Dublin at the Comic Con Comic Village over the bank holiday weekend ( all day Saturday August 29 and the morning of Sunday 30), drawing you a quick Dennis the Menace if such is your greatest wish, giving away badges and other stuff, and generally saying 'hello, remember The Beano' to comics fans over in Ireland.
Here we are, listed under Red and Black Comics, but it's still just us!

But, fear not if you're over the border, for we've been invited to Belfast later in the year, too, so we may see you there! Newcastle's Film and Comic Con is also on our road trip list, in November. In fact, if you don't get to see us sometime over this year, you're just trying to avoid us!

Next year we hope to do go even further afield, just letting people know The Beano is still out there!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Where We'll Be Next

Me and Nika are doing some personal appearances where we'll show you how we do Dennis The Menace or Minnie The Minx and give you a free badge or drawing or comic or something!
Here are two confirmed shows:
ICE Birmingham September 5th
Lakes Comic Festival Kendal October 17th/18th
Come and see us. We don't bite. Necessarily.
And we'll be doing others too, hoping to do Dublin August 29th/30th and possibly Blackpool in September.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Afore Ye Go

Photo: Linked Image
Glasgow recedes in the rear view mirror (only in metaphor, we took the train) but here's a sneaky shot taken over the balcony of me and Nika at our table first thing on Saturday morning before the paying public came in. We're looking at some recent Beanos for the first time.
We've been invited back next year, so, looks like we'll be back next year!
Meanwhile me and Nika will also be doing something or other, more than likely Beano related, in Kendal in October at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, so please do come along if you're keen on Kendal.
Find out more about Kendal Comic Art festival here